350 Money-Making Side Hustle Ideas You Need to See

Starting a new side hustle or small business can be a great way to make extra money, pay off debt, survive financially while you’re unemployed, invest in your future, or completely replace your full-time job.

Starting a business and working for yourself can give you more control and flexibility so that you can have the work-life balance you want. You can choose who to work with, as well as what projects, gigs, or tasks you want to work on. (And which ones you don’t.) You can decide what passion or interest you want to pursue or what new job skills you want to learn.

You can also decide if you want to stay at home and start an online business in your spare time. Or if you are going to dive head first into entrepreneurship and turn a hobby into a lucrative and profitable new start-up business.

You are in charge!

The great news is there are also plenty of different opportunities. I’ve compiled a massive list of over 300 side hustles and small business ideas so you can find the one that’s right for you!

Administrative Roles

happy woman working outside on laptop
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A lot of administrative roles can easily be done remotely, so more and more companies are hiring freelancers and contractors on demand to fill these roles.

  1. Data entry: Inputting and managing data in digital formats
  2. Freelance writer: Creating written content for various platforms and clients
  3. Transcriber: Converting audio or video recordings into written text
  4. Translator: Converting written text or speech from one language to another
  5. Proofreader: Checking written content for errors and inconsistencies
  6. Captioning: Adding text captions to videos to represent spoken words
  7. Editor: Revising and improving written content for clarity and coherence
  8. Resume writer: Crafting and refining resumes for job seekers
  9. Researcher: Gathering and analyzing information on specific topics
  10. Fact checker: Verifying the accuracy of information and claims
  11. Medical coder: Translating medical diagnoses and procedures into standardized codes
  12. Grant proposal writer: Writing applications to secure funding for projects
  13. Manuscript reader: Reviewing and evaluating written manuscripts
  14. Virtual assistant: Providing administrative support and assistance remotely

Business & Financial Services

accountant calculating in her office
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Many of these professional services require certain training and education credentials, but if you have the qualifications, there are plenty of opportunities.

  1. Bookkeeping: Managing and recording financial transactions for businesses
  2. Accountant: Preparing and examining financial records and ensuring accuracy
  3. Payroll service provider: Managing payroll and ensuring employees are paid correctly
  4. Financial advisor: Providing financial planning and investment advice
  5. Business analyst: Analyzing business processes and data to improve operations
  6. Business coach: Providing guidance and strategies to help businesses grow
  7. Money coach: Offering advice on personal finance and money management
  8. Data analyst: Interpreting complex data sets to aid decision-making
  9. Project manager: Planning, executing, and overseeing projects to completion
  10. Business writer: Creating professional content for business purposes
  11. Broker: Facilitating transactions between buyers and sellers in various markets
  12. Tax consultant: Advising on tax-related matters and ensuring compliance
  13. Legal consultant: Providing expert advice on legal issues and documents
  14. Scopist: Editing and formatting legal documents
  15. Public relations: Managing and promoting a positive public image for clients
  16. Publicist: Promoting clients to the media and managing publicity campaigns
  17. Recruiter: Identifying and attracting qualified candidates for job positions
  18. Field agent: Conducting tasks and investigations in the field
  19. Social media consultant: Advising on social media strategies to improve presence
  20. HR consultant: Providing advice on human resources policies and practices
  21. Career counselor: Guiding individuals in their career development and job search
  22. Mediator: Facilitating negotiations and resolving disputes between parties
  23. Arbitrator: Making binding decisions to resolve disputes outside of court
  24. Interpreter: Translating spoken language in real-time between parties
  25. Notary: Officially witnessing and certifying documents and signatures
  26. Non-profit founder: Establishing and leading non-profit organizations
  27. Fundraiser organizer: Planning and managing events to raise funds for causes
  28. Campaign manager: Overseeing political or advocacy campaign strategies
  29. Local politician: Representing and making decisions for a local constituency
  30. Lead generator: Identifying and cultivating potential customers or clients
  31. Participate in focus groups: Providing feedback and opinions in market research sessions
  32. Process server: Delivering legal documents to individuals involved in legal proceedings

Computers & Tech Jobs

Male technician repairing computer at table indoors
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If you are technically inclined, a job that utilizes your computer skills makes sense. Most only require a computer and internet access to do the job, and the roles can range from beginners to advanced.

  1. Troubleshooter or tech support: Resolving technical issues and providing assistance to users
  2. Computer programmer: Writing and testing code for software applications
  3. Coder: Developing and maintaining software through programming
  4. Computer repair: Diagnosing and fixing hardware and software issues in computers
  5. Cellphone repair: Fixing issues and replacing components in mobile devices
  6. App developer: Creating and maintaining mobile applications
  7. App designer: Designing the user interface and experience for mobile apps
  8. App tester: Testing mobile applications for bugs and usability issues
  9. Web developer: Building and maintaining websites using programming languages
  10. Web designer: Creating the visual layout and design of websites
  11. Website tester: Evaluating websites for functionality and user experience
  12. Software developer: Developing software applications for various platforms
  13. Software tester: Testing software applications to identify and fix bugs
  14. Website manager: Overseeing the maintenance and updates of websites
  15. Search engine optimizer: Improving website visibility and ranking on search engines
  16. Cybersecurity analyst: Protecting systems and networks from cyber threats
  17. File, video, or photo digitizer: Converting physical media into digital formats

Content Creating

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We consume so much content every day between work and entertainment. So why not get paid to create content of your own?

  1. Copywriter: Creating persuasive and promotional written content
  2. Ghostwriter: Writing content on behalf of others
  3. Scriptwriter: Writing scripts for films, TV shows, or videos
  4. Reviewer: Evaluating and writing opinions on products, services, or content
  5. Blogger: Writing and publishing articles on a personal or niche blog
  6. Website owner: Managing and maintaining a website
  7. Membership website owner: Running a site with exclusive content for members (such as Patreon)
  8. Vlogger: Creating and sharing video blogs
  9. YouTube channel owner: Managing and producing content for a YouTube channel
  10. Podcaster: Producing and hosting audio shows or series
  11. Social media manager: Overseeing and managing social media accounts and strategies
  12. Social media influencer: Creating content and influencing followers on social media
  13. Book or ebook author: Writing and publishing books or ebooks
  14. Review books or ebooks: Reading and reviewing books or ebooks
  15. Twitch or video game streamer: Live streaming video gameplay and engaging with an audience

Creative & Design Jobs

couple graphic designing together
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There are plenty of ways you can put your artistic talents to work by creating art and products that people want.

  1. Designer: Creating visual concepts for various media
  2. Graphic designer: Designing visual content for print and digital platforms
  3. Sign maker: Designing and producing signs for businesses and events
  4. Greeting card maker: Creating and crafting custom greeting cards
  5. Painter: Creating artwork using paints on various surfaces
  6. Illustrator: Drawing and creating images for books, magazines, and other media
  7. Animator: Producing animated sequences and characters for various media
  8. Caricaturist: Drawing exaggerated portraits for entertainment
  9. Hydro dipper: Applying designs to objects using water transfer printing
  10. Etcher: Creating designs on surfaces through etching techniques
  11. Engraver: Carving designs into materials like metal, wood, or glass
  12. Glassblower: Shaping glass into artistic or functional items
  13. Arts or design teacher: Teaching art and design principles and techniques
  14. Hand-made good seller: Creating and selling handmade products
  15. Etsy shop owner: Running an online store selling handmade or vintage items
  16. Art dealer: Buying and selling artworks
  17. Art restorer: Repairing and restoring damaged artworks
  18. Custom framer: Designing and creating custom picture frames
  19. Custom jeweler: Designing and crafting unique jewelry pieces
  20. Candlemaker: Creating and selling custom candles
  21. Tattoo artist: Designing and applying tattoos to clients
  22. Costume designer: Creating costumes for theater, film, or events
  23. Tshirt printer: Designing and printing custom T-shirts
  24. 3D printer technician: Operating and maintaining 3D printing equipment
  25. Body painter: Creating art on the human body using paint

Driving Jobs

Smiling driver talking with female passenger
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These side hustle ideas may require you to use your own vehicle, so be sure to factor in the cost of wear-and-tear. You may also need a specific driver’s license classification to drive the larger vehicles.

  1. Delivery driver: Transporting food and goods to customers (such as DoorDash, Postmates, UberEats, and Instacart)
  2. Courier, messenger: Delivering packages and documents quickly and efficiently
  3. Ride-share driver: Providing transportation services to passengers (such as Uber or Lyft)
  4. Mover: Assisting with the packing, loading, and transporting of belongings
  5. Dump runner: Hauling and disposing of unwanted items or debris
  6. Junk remover: Collecting and removing unwanted items from homes or businesses
  7. Pedicab driver: Providing bicycle taxi services for passengers
  8. Tow truck driver: Towing and transporting disabled or illegally parked vehicles
  9. Newspaper or flyer bundle delivery: Distributing newspapers and flyers to subscribers or businesses

Entertainer & Performer Jobs

clown at child birthday party
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If you are a natural entertainer or performer, there are lots of side hustle ideas where you get paid to be the star!

  1. Birthday party performer: Entertaining guests at birthday parties
  2. Children’s entertainer: Providing entertainment specifically for children
  3. Storyteller: Narrating stories to engage and entertain audiences
  4. Clown: Performing comedic acts and tricks, often in costume
  5. Magician: Performing magic tricks and illusions
  6. Hypnotist: Using hypnosis to entertain or help people
  7. Adult entertainer: Providing entertainment for adult audiences
  8. Mascot: Performing as a costumed character to engage and entertain
  9. Trapeze performer: Performing aerial acrobatics on a trapeze
  10. Impersonator: Imitating famous people for entertainment
  11. Comedian: Performing stand-up comedy or humorous acts
  12. Trivia host: Organizing and hosting trivia games
  13. Theme party host: Planning and hosting themed parties
  14. Murder mystery party host: Organizing and leading interactive mystery parties
  15. Escape room owner: Creating and managing escape room experiences
  16. Haunted house owner: Creating and managing haunted house attractions
  17. Motivational speaker: Inspiring and motivating audiences through speeches
  18. Model: Posing for photos, art, or fashion displays

Film & Photography Jobs

couple photographers looking at their camera
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Combine your passion for film-making and photography with your technical knowledge to create movies, record important events, and capture images that tell a story.

  1. Film or photography teacher: Teaching film or photography techniques and concepts
  2. Photographer: Taking professional photos for various purposes
  3. Drone photographer or filmer: Capturing aerial photos or videos using drones
  4. Stock photo seller: Selling stock photos for commercial use
  5. Stock video seller: Selling stock videos for commercial use
  6. Voiceover actor: Providing voice recordings for various media
  7. Narrator: Reading and recording narration for books, films, or presentations
  8. Filmmaker: Creating and producing films
  9. Videographer: Recording video footage for events or projects
  10. Video editor: Editing video footage into a final product
  11. Movie extra: Performing minor roles in films or TV shows
  12. Allow filmmakers to use your home or property as a shooting location for film or TV shoots

Food Services

Cheerful mature man in kitchen preparing dish
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There are health and safety laws and requirements regarding food, including food handling, temperature control, adequate equipment, hygiene, sanitation, and safety codes. These laws differ by state or province, but federal and municipal legislation also applies.

  1. Caterer: Providing food services for events
  2. Meal prepper: Preparing and packaging meals in advance
  3. Baker: Baking and selling bread, pastries, and desserts
  4. Cake decorator: Designing and decorating cakes for various occasions
  5. Restaurant or franchise owner: Managing and operating a restaurant or franchise
  6. Personal chef: Cooking personalized meals for clients
  7. Farmer: Growing crops and raising livestock
  8. Gardener: Cultivating and maintaining gardens
  9. Horticulturist: Specializing in the science of plants and gardening
  10. Food truck or food cart owner: Running a mobile food business
  11. Homebrewer: Brewing beer at home
  12. Winemaker: Producing wine from grapes or other fruits
  13. Bartender: Mixing and serving drinks at a bar
  14. Lemonade stand operator: Selling lemonade from a small stand
  15. Farmer’s market vendor: Selling produce or goods at a farmer’s market

Health & Fitness Services

instructor teaching fitness class
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This is another highly regulated area, so be sure you meet the training requirements and have the proper licenses before launching your side hustle or small business idea.

  1. Nutritionist: Advising on diet and nutrition for health
  2. Weight-loss coach: Guiding clients to achieve weight-loss goals
  3. Masseuse or massage therapist: Providing therapeutic massage services
  4. Doula: Offering support to mothers during childbirth
  5. Personal trainer: Creating and guiding personalized fitness programs
  6. Referee: Officiating sports games and enforcing rules
  7. Reflexologist: Applying pressure to feet, hands, or ears to promote health
  8. Fitness instructor: Leading exercise classes and fitness training sessions
  9. Professional/MMA fighter: Competing in mixed martial arts fights professionally
  10. Personal support person: Assisting individuals with daily living activities
  11. Ergonomic assessor: Evaluating and recommending ergonomic improvements
  12. Private coach: Providing one-on-one training or coaching in various fields
  13. Counselor: Providing guidance and support for personal or psychological issues

Home & Family Care Services

reading to children at night in a fort
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We all know that running a household takes a lot of work. So why not help others manage their own household and family needs?

  1. Housekeeper or cleaner: Cleaning and maintaining households or commercial spaces
  2. Housesitter: Taking care of a home while the owners are away
  3. Interior decorator: Designing and arranging interior spaces for aesthetic appeal
  4. Babysitter, nanny, or child care services: Caring for and supervising children
  5. Home daycare owner: Providing daycare services for children in a home setting
  6. Mother’s helper: Assisting mothers with childcare and household tasks
  7. Surrogate mother: Carrying and delivering a child for intended parents
  8. Baby-proofer: Making homes safe for infants and toddlers
  9. Elder caregiver: Providing care and assistance to elderly individuals
  10. Companion: Offering companionship and support to individuals in need
  11. Respite worker: Providing temporary relief and support for caregivers
  12. Landlord: Renting out property to tenants
  13. Rental property owner: Owning and managing rental properties
  14. Vacation home rental: Renting out vacation properties to travelers
  15. Renting out your parking space: Offering parking spaces for rent to drivers
  16. Renting out personal vehicles or recreational vehicles
  17. Home-stager: Arranging and decorating homes to enhance their appeal to buyers
  18. Upholsterer: Repairing and restoring upholstered furniture
  19. Window treatment consultant: Advising on and installing window coverings
  20. Rent out household items, including gear, tools, and equipment, to others

Hospitality & Tourism

tour guide pointing to attraction
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Tourism is a trillion-dollar industry and includes all different sorts of jobs that one can do, depending on interests and time commitments.

  1. Travel agent: Arranging and booking travel accommodations and experiences for clients
  2. Tour guide: Leading and providing information to tourists during guided tours
  3. Map seller and distributor: Selling and distributing maps for navigation or travel purposes
  4. Mystery shopper: Evaluating and providing feedback on customer service and experiences
  5. Event planner, wedding planner, or party planner: Organizing and coordinating events, weddings, or parties
  6. Bed and breakfast owner or Airbnb host: Providing accommodations and hospitality services to guests
  7. Wedding officiant: Conducting wedding ceremonies and legally marrying couples
  8. Bridesmaid or groomsman for hire: Assisting in wedding ceremonies and festivities as requested
  9. Promoter: Advertising and marketing events, products, or services to attract customers
  10. Party supply renter: Renting out party supplies and equipment for events
  11. Assembling and disassembling festival booths and displays
  12. Party bus or boat operator: Providing transportation and hosting events on buses or boats
  13. Event host: Hosting and managing events, ensuring everything runs smoothly
  14. Emcee: Hosting and facilitating events, making announcements, and engaging the audience
  15. Boat charterer: Renting out boats for recreational purposes or tours
  16. Private pilot: Flying aircraft for personal or charter purposes

Labor & Handy Services

landscaper working on garden
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Once again, certain manual labor and trade roles will require proper certification. The good news is that if you are interested, short (and sometimes paid) training programs are available, as well as extensive on-the-job learning.

  1. Contractor: Oversees construction projects and manages subcontractors
  2. Builder: Constructs or renovates buildings and structures
  3. Assembler: Puts together parts or components to create a product
  4. Home inspector: Evaluates properties for structural integrity and safety
  5. Repair person: Fixes various items or systems in homes or businesses
  6. Demolition person: Safely tears down structures or buildings
  7. Scrap metal sales: Buys and sells scrap metal for recycling
  8. Installer: Installs various fixtures or equipment in buildings
  9. Painter: Applies paint to surfaces to protect or decorate them
  10. Dry-waller: Installs drywall to create walls and ceilings
  11. Wallpaper installer or remover: Hangs or removes wallpaper from walls
  12. Tiler: Installs ceramic, porcelain, or stone tiles on floors or walls
  13. Mechanic: Repairs and maintains vehicles or machinery
  14. Automotive repair person: Specializes in repairing cars and trucks
  15. Own a muffler shop: Operates a business specializing in muffler repair and replacement
  16. Electrician: Installs and maintains electrical systems in buildings
  17. Home theatre installer: Sets up and installs audiovisual systems in homes
  18. HVAC technician: Installs and repairs heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems
  19. Plumber: Installs and repairs plumbing systems and fixtures
  20. Carpenter: Constructs and repairs wooden structures and furniture
  21. Woodworker: Crafts items from wood, such as furniture or cabinets
  22. Stainer: Applies stains to wood surfaces for protection or aesthetic purposes
  23. Power washer: Cleans outdoor surfaces using pressurized water
  24. Excavator: Digs and moves earth or debris using heavy equipment
  25. Cement and concrete pouring: Pours and finishes concrete for various construction projects
  26. Landscaper: Designs and maintains outdoor spaces, including gardens and lawns
  27. Gardener: Cultivates and cares for plants, flowers, and vegetables
  28. Snow-shoveler: Clears snow from sidewalks, driveways, and pathways
  29. Grass-cutter or lawn care: Mows and maintains lawns and grassy areas
  30. Weed remover: Removes weeds from gardens, lawns, or landscaping
  31. Tree and shrub trimmer: Prunes and shapes trees and shrubs for aesthetics and health
  32. Pressure washer: Cleans surfaces using high-pressure water
  33. Car washer: Cleans and washes vehicles, inside and out
  34. Car detailer: Cleans and restores vehicles to a like-new condition
  35. Custom car builder: Constructs customized or modified vehicles
  36. Restoration specialist: Restores antique or damaged items to their original condition
  37. Pool cleaner: Maintains and cleans swimming pools and their equipment
  38. Pool repair person: Fixes and maintains swimming pool systems and structures
  39. Garage door installer: Installs and repairs garage doors and openers
  40. Irrigation installer: Installs and maintains irrigation systems for gardens or lawns
  41. Gutter cleaner: Removes debris from gutters to prevent clogging
  42. Window washer: Cleans windows and glass surfaces on buildings
  43. Pest controller: Eliminates and prevents pests from infesting homes or businesses
  44. Exterminator: Specializes in eradicating infestations of pests
  45. Fumigator: Uses chemicals to eliminate pests from buildings or structures
  46. Skate and knife sharpener: Sharpens blades for skates, knives, or other tools
  47. Locksmith: Installs, repairs, and opens locks and security systems
  48. Watch repair person: Repairs and maintains watches and timepieces
  49. Commercial or industrial cleaner: Cleans and maintains commercial or industrial spaces
  50. Custom furniture builder: Constructs custom-made furniture pieces for clients

Music & Dance Jobs

female singer performing with guitar
Image Credit: vectorfusionart via Depositphotos.

Similar to the entertainer and performing roles mentioned, your musical abilities can be a great way to make extra money.

  1. Band member: Performs music as part of a group or band
  2. DJ: Provides musical entertainment and mixes tracks at events
  3. Wedding singer: Performs music at weddings, often during ceremonies or receptions
  4. Composer: Writes and arranges music compositions
  5. Music producer: Oversees the creation and production of music recordings
  6. Music or dance teacher: Instructs students in music or dance techniques and theory
  7. Piano tuner: Adjusts and maintains the tuning of pianos
  8. Busker: Performs music or entertainment in public places for tips
  9. Dancer: Performs choreographed movements to music or rhythm
  10. Choreographer: Creates and designs dance sequences or routines
  11. Stock music creator: Produces music for use in media projects or commercial purposes

Personal Services

young seamstress designing clothes
Image Credit: VitalikRadko via Depositphotos.

From jobs in the beauty industry to personal safety, there are many small business ideas in this sector. There are health and safety regulations to follow with some of these jobs, too.

  1. Hairstylist or barber: Cuts, styles, and treats hair for clients
  2. Stylist: Advises clients on clothing, makeup, and overall appearance
  3. Make-up artist: Applies makeup for various occasions and purposes
  4. Cosmetologist: Provides beauty services such as hair, makeup, and skincare
  5. Esthetician: Specializes in skin care treatments and procedures
  6. Nail technician, manicurist, or pedicurist: Provides nail care services such as manicures and pedicures
  7. Personal assistant: Assists individuals with various tasks and responsibilities
  8. Personal shopper: Shops for and selects items on behalf of clients
  9. Gift buyer: Purchases gifts for individuals or special occasions
  10. Odd-job and errand-runner: Completes miscellaneous tasks and errands for clients
  11. Tailor or seamstress: Performs alterations and repairs on clothing
  12. Fashion consultant: Offers advice on personal style and fashion choices
  13. Professional organizer: Helps individuals declutter and organize their spaces
  14. Personal investigator: Conducts research and investigations for personal matters
  15. Security guard: Protects people, property, or assets from harm or theft
  16. Life coach: Guides and supports individuals in achieving personal or professional goals
  17. Second language conversationalist: Engages in conversation in a second language for practice or learning
  18. Genealogist: Researches and documents family histories and lineages

Pet & Animal Services

man with dog watching tv
Image Credit: VitalikRadko via Depositphotos.

The pet industry is full of small business ideas depending on what the demand is like where you live. Here are few different ways to make extra cash for animal-lovers.

  1. Pet sitter: Cares for pets in the owner’s absence, often in the owner’s home
  2. Pet groomer: Provides grooming services such as bathing, brushing, and trimming for pets
  3. Dog walker: Takes dogs for walks and provides exercise and companionship
  4. Trainer: Teaches pets obedience, behavior modification, or specialized skills
  5. Poop scooper or litter cleaner: Cleans up pet waste from yards or litter boxes
  6. Pet food maker: Prepares homemade pet food or treats using natural ingredients
  7. Pet baker: Bakes and decorates pet-friendly cakes, cookies, or treats
  8. Pet taxi driver: Transports pets to and from appointments, grooming, or other locations
  9. Doggy daycare operator: Provides daytime care and supervision for dogs in a facility
  10. Kennel operator: Boards and cares for pets in a commercial facility
  11. Pet rescue owner: Rescues, shelters, and rehomes abandoned or neglected pets
  12. Stable owner: Manages and maintains a facility for housing and caring for horses
  13. Taxidermist: Prepares and mounts animals for display or preservation
  14. Beekeeper: Raises and cares for honeybees, often for honey production or pollination
  15. Aquarium cleaner and maintenance: Cleans and maintains aquariums, including water changes and equipment upkeep

Sales & Marketing

man taking photos of shoes to sell
Image Credit: koydesign and Depositphotos.

Selling things is one of the easiest and most common ways to make extra money. The possibilities of what to sell and how to sell it are vast!

  1. Affiliate marketer: Earns commission by promoting other people’s products or services
  2. Social media marketer: Manages and promotes brands or products on social media platforms
  3. Email marketer: Sends targeted promotional emails to potential customers
  4. Digital marketer: Executes marketing campaigns using digital channels such as websites, social media, and email
  5. Direct seller or multiple-level-marketer: Sells products directly to consumers or recruits others to sell products in a multi-level marketing structure
  6. Product demonstrator: Showcases products and demonstrates their features to potential customers
  7. E-commerce business owner: Operates a business that sells products or services online
  8. Store owner – online or a physical location: Manages and operates a retail store, either online or in a physical location
  9. Amazon FBA or Retail arbitrage: Sells products on Amazon using the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service or engages in retail arbitrage by buying products at a low price and selling them for a profit
  10. eBay seller: Sells products on the eBay online marketplace
  11. Dropshipper: Sells products without stocking inventory by partnering with suppliers who ship directly to customers
  12. Flip items: Buys items at a low price and sells them for a profit, often after improving or refurbishing them
  13. Inventor or product creator: Designs and develops new products or innovations
  14. Crafter: Creates handmade crafts or products to sell
  15. Gift basket designer: Designs and assembles gift baskets for various occasions
  16. Marketing consultant: Provides expertise and advice on marketing strategies and campaigns
  17. Brand manager: Oversees the development and promotion of a brand
  18. Brand ambassador: Represents and promotes a brand to increase awareness and sales
  19. Visual merchandiser: Designs and arranges displays to attract customers and maximize sales
  20. Realtor or real estate agent: Assists clients in buying, selling, or renting properties
  21. Vending machine owner: Owns and operates vending machines that sell snacks, beverages, or other products
  22. Sales consultant: Provides advice and assistance to clients on improving sales performance
  23. Sales representative: Sells products or services to customers on behalf of a company
  24. Ad manager: Manages advertising campaigns and budgets for businesses or organizations
  25. Newspaper or flyer delivery: Distributes newspapers or flyers to households or businesses
  26. Flea market vendor or farmer’s market vendor: Sells goods at flea markets or farmer’s markets
  27. Sell your unwanted and unused items at a garage sale or yard sale or use sites like eBay, Kijiji, and Craigslist

Teaching & Coaching

hands up during womans presentation
Image Credit: FS-Stock via Depositphotos.

The beauty of teaching and coaching jobs is that there are so many topic possibilities, from your skills to things you were taught yourself, and you can teach at different levels, from beginners to experts.

  1. Coach or trainer: Guides and motivates individuals or groups to achieve their goals or improve performance
  2. Tutor or teacher: Provides instruction and support to students in specific subjects or areas of study, either in person or through online platforms
  3. SAT or test preparation instructor: Helps students prepare for standardized tests such as the SAT by teaching test-taking strategies and reviewing content
  4. Course creator: Develops educational courses or training programs for online or in-person delivery
  5. Public speaker or presenter: Delivers presentations or speeches to inform, motivate, or entertain audiences
  6. Lesson plan and curriculum creator: Designs educational materials, including lesson plans and curriculum, for classroom instruction or online learning
  7. Tech and smart device teacher: Teaches individuals how to use technology and smart devices effectively
  8. Workshop facilitator: Leads interactive workshops or training sessions on specific topics or skills
  9. Curriculum writer: Develops educational content and materials, including textbooks, workbooks, and assessments

Unique & Unusual Jobs

spiritual fortune teller influencer filming video
Image Credit: Dmyrto_Z via Depositphotos.

If you’re looking for a unique small business idea, here are a few that will make you stand out.

  1. Mock jury member: Participates in simulated jury trials to assist in the evaluation of legal cases
  2. Professional cuddler: Provides cuddling services to clients for comfort, relaxation, or therapeutic purposes
  3. Participate in clinical trials: Volunteers to test new medications, treatments, or medical procedures under controlled conditions
  4. Sell your plasma, sperm or eggs: Donates biological material for medical research or reproductive purposes in exchange for compensation
  5. Online dating consultant: Offers advice and assistance to individuals seeking to improve their online dating profiles or experiences
  6. Tarot card reader: Uses tarot cards to provide insights and guidance on personal or spiritual matters
  7. Psychic: Claims to possess extrasensory perception or intuitive abilities to provide information about the past, present, or future
  8. Fortune teller: Predicts future events or outcomes using various methods such as palmistry, astrology, or crystal ball gazing
  9. Spiritual advisor: Offers guidance and support to individuals seeking spiritual or religious counsel
  10. Paranormal investigator: Investigates claims of paranormal activity or supernatural phenomena using scientific methods or equipment
  11. Mall Santa: Portrays Santa Claus during the holiday season at shopping malls or events
  12. Pyrotechnics expert: Designs, sets up, and operates fireworks or special effects for entertainment purposes
  13. Stunt person or stunt coordinator: Performs dangerous or daring feats for movies, television shows, or live performances or coordinates such performances
  14. Bounty hunter: Apprehends fugitives or individuals who have skipped bail on behalf of bail bondsmen or law enforcement agencies

Whatever side hustle or small business idea you decide to pursue, I hope the extra income is exactly what you need to improve your financial situation. I wish you the best of luck!

How to Find the Best Side Hustle For You

young woman counting money walking down the street
Image Credit: Krakenimages.com via Depositphotos.com.

You’ve been thinking about starting a side hustle for some time now, but how do you know what are the best side hustles for you to choose from?

As you’ve just seen, there are literally hundreds of ways to make extra money!

But finding the right side hustle – something you enjoy doing and can actually make money from – isn’t always straightforward. There are many things you need to consider before investing your time and money into a new entrepreneurial endeavor, no matter what it is you decide to do.

These 15 questions will cover all of the things you need to take into consideration so that you can make the best choice. How you answer these questions will help you decide which side hustle is the best one for you.

Side Hustles for Couples

couple making dancing video in the living room
Image Credit: Milkos and Depositphotos.

One of your main goals as a couple should be to manage your money. Whether you have a joint account or separate accounts, making money together can help you improve your finances.

Imagine the possibilities of creating a side business as a couple – one that generates extra income and brings you two closer together. The best part? You don’t need loads of experience or a hefty investment to get started. And most of them you can do from home (or the beach, or a remote cabin in the woods, anywhere really!).

Here, we unveil a collection of side hustle ideas tailor-made for couples like you.

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