17 Part-Time Night Jobs That Provide a Steady Paycheck

Most offices close at 5 p.m., and stores close around 9 or 10 p.m., but that doesn’t mean the work stops. There is work to do at all hours, from part-time night jobs to 24-hour roles, such as medical professionals and others performing essential services for the general public.

Working in the evening or early hours of the day isn’t easy, but it has advantages. Employers recognize that these positions are harder to recruit, so they try to make them more attractive by offering part-time hours, shift premium pay, and other incentives. Plus, you’ll have more freedom to use your days as you please (once you get some sleep). Scheduling doctor appointments, errands, parent-teacher conferences, and other necessary tasks is easier when you do not have to request time off from work.

And if you’re looking for a way to earn extra income in addition to your day job, part-time night jobs are a guaranteed way to do just that. Side hustles are great and all, but the amount of money you make is sporadic and unpredictable. These roles provide a little more security and a steady paycheck.

1. Night Auditor

woman working late on laptop at work
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In the hotel industry, staff is needed day and night. Although a hotel remains open around the clock, its business day ends at midnight when the auditors process payments, generate reports, reconcile cash receipts, and create invoices for the coming day’s departing guests.

A night auditor wears two hats: first and foremost, this person is an accounting department employee performing the tasks mentioned. They also double as front desk clerks, helping to cover breaks or offering assistance if guests are waiting.

2. Loader/Unloader

workers loading warehouse truck at night
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You routinely see UPS, FedEx, and Amazon trucks and drivers around town, making deliveries to homes and businesses. However, the people who fill those trucks are mostly unseen since the trucks are stocked at night.

This occurs only after larger trucks are emptied of packages, which are, in turn, sorted according to destination. Unloaders do this while loaders—assigned two, three, or four delivery trucks—must place the packages on the correct truck according to the recipient’s address.

Loaders need to hustle and stay focused because unloaded packages can come fast and furious.

3. Sanitation Sorter

garbage collector sitting on garbage bags
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If there is one thing we will never run out of, it’s garbage. All kinds of waste are generated in hospitals, correctional facilities, hotels, and factories, but not all trash is created equal.

Some institutions demand a strict recycling regime, so bottles, cans, and paper must be separated. Healthcare institutions must observe a rigorous code relative to medical waste, so sorting here, too, is necessary.

Sorters also work for sanitation companies, picking out recyclables from garbage passing by on a conveyor belt. This happens after all the trucks return from their routes and dump their contents.

4. Customer Service

happy freelancer woman working at night from home
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Customer service is a broad description that could mean any or all of the following: taking orders for products or services, resolving disputes and complaints, providing information about the company or its offerings, or processing payments and refunds. These duties are performed in person, over the phone, or online.

If you want an overnight, part-time job, you are more likely to interact with customers by telephone or virtually. Yes, some companies equip representatives to work remotely from home instead of serving at an on-site call center, which is an added perk.

5. Security Guard

night security guard on duty
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Once known as a night watchman, the overnight security guard serves in places where valuable assets are kept in-house, e.g., factories, retail outlets, banks, and laboratories. This employee patrols the premises, does security checks on access points, keeps alarms working, watches electronic monitors, contacts law enforcement when necessary, keeps a log of visitors, and ejects unauthorized personnel.

Different standards of education and training apply, but these roles typically pay well and are perfect for introverts.

6. Stock Person

man restocking milk in store
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After a long day of sales, the sales floor or aisles need replenishing. Often, they employ a night shift crew to refill depleted items and construct displays for new products or those on sale. More frequently than not, grocery stores utilize overnight stock people, who will sometimes double as cashiers if the store is open 24/7.

Usually, a stock person is responsible for an aisle or two or a section of the store. In addition to sales area tasks, this job involves receiving from overnight delivery trucks.

7. Inventory Taker

woman in warehouse store
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This is a retail-oriented job where the employee works for a service contracted by a store or chain of stores. Retailers will hire these services for night work as they will not be in the way of customers by day. The job takes place in either the store itself or an affiliated warehouse.

At its essence, it is a counting job where associates tabulate the number for each item on the shelf or about to be placed there. This means that if you work for a hardware chain, you count every last nail, bolt, and washer, usually on a handheld electronic counting device. You will need to travel to different locations around your city, which might be problematic if you rely on public transit.

8. Custodian

cleaner cleaning an office
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Custodians and cleaning crews have a long history of night work because it’s an impossible task to achieve with daily foot traffic. Office buildings, public schools, hospitals, and government buildings are just some of the settings where these workers are needed.

Among their jobs is cleaning: emptying waste baskets, disinfecting bathrooms, mopping and waxing floors, to name a few. Depending on skill sets, custodians also repair boilers and HVAC systems, clogged toilets, broken windows, and lighting fixtures; some of these positions require union membership.

9. Truck Driver

laughing truck driver taking a break, sitting on the back of truck
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American commerce is heavily reliant on our highways and those who move freight. Your Amazon orders would not arrive without them. When delivery deadlines are tight and urgency is high, carriers hire truckers who drive overnight to get freight to their destination in a timely fashion.

Various classes of truck drivers hold a commercial driver’s license (CDL) issued by the states. Obtaining the CDL requires passing a written and road test, each of which varies according to the type of vehicle you will be operating.

10. Diner Cook

line cook in kitchen making burgers
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Truck drivers and other road warriors who drive at odd hours understand the value of diners that stay open through the night. Food service crews staff these restaurants at night and serve hungry visitors. Diner cooks prep the ingredients for meals (chop vegetables, peeling potatoes, measuring ingredients), cook the meals, and keep the kitchen orderly while adhering to food safety guidelines set forth by the government.

11. Nurses and Assistants

nurse hugging patient
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Registered nurses and certified nursing assistants work at night in hospitals and nursing home facilities.

Registered nurses (RNs) are college-educated individuals who must pass a national examination and state licensure criteria. Like doctors, RNs can specialize in diverse areas of practice. They can administer medications, vaccinations, wound care treatments, and other protocols under the supervision of a physician.

On the other hand, nursing assistants are certified by the state in certain areas of caregiving. These include positioning patients in bed, changing bed linens, checking vital signs, bathing patients, and helping patients when they need assistance in the bathroom.

12. Gas Station Cashier

paying at the cash register
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Gas stations and convenience stores are open late and need cashiers. Your main tasks would be simple: accept payments, restock shelves, and light cleaning. But since people usually work alone, there is also security to keep in mind—both your own and the stores’.

13. Bar or Event Staff

bartender pouring drinks
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Concerts, weddings, and other celebrations take place in the late evening hours and require several staff members to keep things running. From bartending and serving to DJing and photography, there’s a lot you can potentially do. As a bonus, you get to play a part in someone’s special day and maybe even get staff-only access to performers. No two events will be alike!

14. Parking Lot Attendant

parking garage
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While it’s certainly not an exciting job, almost anyone can be a parking lot attendant. Automation has reduced the demand, but these roles do exist. Besides accepting payments, attendants monitor the lot, issue tickets, maintain equipment, and serve as light security. The pay ranges from $11-21 an hour and typically has a lot of downtime, which you can use to read, work on another side hustle, do classwork, or learn a new skill.

15. Babysitters and Caregivers

reading to children at night in a fort
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One of my first jobs was babysitting at night; I’m sure many of you can say the same. But babysitting and overnight caregiving isn’t just for teenagers. Hiring someone with more experience and a valid driver’s license might be necessary. This is especially true if you are caring for someone with mobility issues, as you may need to be physically able to support them.

16. Airport Staff

airport ticket agent checking a traveler's boarding pass
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Another industry that has various part-time night roles is the airport. Someone has to be there for those late-night and early-morning flights. You could work in a food kiosk, as a customer service agent, as a baggage handler, cleaning or security. It all depends on your skills, qualifications, and interests.

17. Anything You Can Do Online

man working on laptop late at night
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Anything you do online to make money can be considered a part-time night job. Freelance writing, virtual assisting, web design… the possibilities are endless, really. The caveat is that not all avenues are created equally. Gig roles can be one-off projects that are few and far between, or you might find someone who always has work available.

The advantages are that you can work from home, set your own hours (so you’re not limited to only working at night), and control how many projects you take on. The downsides are that they can be inconsistent, hard to find, and rarely offer job security. But if you find something that works, it’s a win-win!

Part-Time Jobs Beyond 9 to 5

team working in office at night
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Night jobs are often identical to day jobs except for the hours you work. Although they have full-time counterparts, third-shift workers are usually paid a little more for working at less desirable times. So, if you can make the schedule work, take advantage of the opportunity to earn a higher wage.

Work From Home Jobs at Amazon

man working from home with his dog
Image Credit: HayDmitriy via Depositphotos.com.

There are quite a few different full-time, part-time, and side hustle work-from-home jobs with Amazon. You could be a seasonal customer service rep, sell items on Amazon, or trade-in used items for a little extra.

WFH Without an Upfront Investment

happy woman with her laptop sitting on the living room floor
Image Credit: Sepy via Depositphotos.com.

Some work-from-home opportunities require you to spend money on buying the right tools or equipment. This upfront investment can be a barrier to some or just too risky for others. Here’s our list of WFH jobs you can start today with the tools and skills you already have.

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