15 Easy Life Hacks to Master Your Morning Routine

What we do in the morning determines our mood and productivity for the day. When the alarm goes off, will you sleep for another 10 minutes (and then be late) or wake up and start a new day full of energy (and on schedule)?

You’re probably like me and hit that snooze button every time – but you don’t have to be! You can easily build the following 15 good habits to jumpstart your morning.

1. Wake Up As Soon As Your Alarm Goes Off

couple sleeping with alarm clock
Image Credit: AndrewLozovyi via Depositphotos.com.

“Just ten more minutes of sleep” is an adventurous game to play in the morning. Did you hit snooze or turn off the alarm? I guess you’ll find out one way or another!

Or you could be strict with yourself and just get up. You don’t want to skip breakfast again, do you?

Waking up with your alarm is also considered a small victory for yourself. What a great and simple way to kick off the day on a positive note.

2. Drink a Glass Of Water

man with water bottle next to the coast
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Start your day right with a simple yet effective habit: drink a glass of water. This small act holds incredible benefits for your overall well-being. As you hydrate your body first thing in the morning, you start your metabolism, flush out toxins, and promote healthy digestion.

But the advantages don’t stop there. Drinking water in the morning also boosts your brainpower, enhances mental clarity, and sets a positive tone for the day ahead.

If you find yourself struggling with morning grogginess, drink more water! Staying hydrated throughout the day replenishes your energy levels and keeps that sluggish feeling at bay.

3. Stay Away From Cell Phones

sleepy man looking at cell phone in bed
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One of the first things you do when opening your eyes is to pick up the phone to check your email, see messages, or surf Facebook, isn’t it? I mean, the notifications are all right there.

Quickly checking these notifications takes more time than you think. Not to mention checking your work messages before getting to work can stress you out and start your day with insecurity or dread.

Turn off your notifications so you will not see these messages as soon as you wake up.

4. Wash Your Face With Cold Water

woman washing face
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Cold water is an effective way to lift spirits, so it makes sense that washing your face with cold water helps you wake up quickly.

You can also give your face a splash of cold water throughout your day to maintain alertness at work. If you wear make-up, buy a mineral spray bottle instead, which is also good for your skin and a little self-care in your day.

5. Muscle Relaxation and Stretches

woman doing yoga, stretching in living room
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Ah, adulthood—where you experience the unpleasant reality of waking up with aches and pains due to an unfortunate sleeping position. There’s a simple remedy to start your day pain-free: muscle relaxation and stretching.

These practices work wonders, helping you smoothly transition from being asleep to awake. Dedicating just a few minutes each morning to these exercises will help you prepare mentally for the day ahead.

6. Gentle Exercise

woman with weight exercising
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Doing yoga or going to the gym in the morning would be the ideal way to start your day. But as much as we’d like to convince ourselves that we’re those kinds of people, most of us aren’t.

Rather than setting a goal you’ll never achieve, set aside some time in the morning to do some light exercise. Do some jumping jacks, jog in the spot, or search online for other simple activities you can quickly do before getting ready.

7. Meditation

meditating man sitting on floor
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It may seem weird to suggest meditation, a calming activity, immediately after sleeping, which is also a calming activity. However, sleep rejuvenates the body, while meditation nurtures the mind and soul. Combining these two practices can create a powerful routine that sets a positive tone for the day ahead.

Your mind is usually already relaxed when you wake up. Take advantage and build upon it by meditating. With just a few minutes, you can set your intentions, cultivate gratitude, and establish a positive mindset for the day.

8. Prepare the Night Before

woman choosing clothes from her closet
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No one wants to start their day by ransacking their house just to find their car keys or purse.

The best way to make mornings easier is to get everything in order before going to bed. Pack your bag, set out your house keys, choose your outfit and iron your clothes for the next day so you won’t have to spend time on these chores before having your morning coffee.

9. Have a Nutritious Breakfast

family eating breakfast
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You knew this tip was coming. You need energy to start your day productively, and breakfast is the best way to get it. Make things a little easier for yourself by also preparing your breakfast the night before. You can chop vegetables, portion out ingredients, or even prepare overnight oats.

Reaching for convenience foods is tempting when you’re pressed for time in the morning. Having a pre-planned breakfast waiting for you makes you more likely to opt for a nutritious option that fuels your body and mind.

However, it’s best not to overeat; a big meal early in the morning will upset your stomach all day.

10. Avoid Sugar Until Lunch

happy woman eating candy
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Sugary breakfast foods such as muffins, cereals, and French toast are my favorites, but these aren’t really great to eat so early on.

While they can be enjoyed as occasional treats, relying on them as regular breakfast options may lead to energy crashes and potential nutrient imbalances.

Instead, incorporate healthier alternatives offering delicious flavors while providing more sustained energy and essential nutrients. Fresh fruit, nuts, almond milk, and Greek yogurt can satisfy your sweet tooth cravings.

11. Stimulate Your Brain with Simple Activities

woman reading in bed with coffee
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Get up early to go for a walk or a morning jog.  If you’re not an active person, read a book, play some brain games, or work on a hobby.

Whether you lace up your sneakers and hit the pavement or dive into a book that sparks your curiosity, these activities can enhance your morning routine. They supercharge your energy levels, enhance mental clarity, and cultivate a positive mindset, paving the way for a day primed for success.

12. Household Chores

woman looking at cleaning products
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Imagine after a long day at work, you come home to a tidy house or your meal prepped. You can make that happen!

By dedicating some time in the morning to simple tasks like tidying up, wiping surfaces, or doing a quick decluttering, you can create a welcoming environment to come home to. Alternatively (or additionally), chop those veggies, marinate that chicken, or portion your ingredients to save you valuable time and energy with dinner when you come home exhausted from work.

Wouldn’t you rather walk through the front door into a less stressful environment?

13. Find Motivational Resources

kids waking up dad in the morning by jumping on him
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The world can be a scary place – at least, that’s what the media wants us to think. Reading or hearing about a bunch of bad news is no way to start your day. Find something happier! It could be any number of things like books, apps, journaling, or listening to your favorite playlist. And if all else fails: funny cat videos.

If you still want to stay informed but in a more balanced and less overwhelming way, consider listening to podcasts or audiobooks. Ted Talks are also great.

No matter the medium, find something that evokes a sense of motivation and determination.

14. Plan Your Day

planning in bed, writing in notebook
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Planning should be done the night before while you are still awake. The next morning, all you have to do is pick up your notepad and skim through your to-do list to get an overview of what needs to be done for the day.

A clear plan will help you be less confused and highly focused on the upcoming challenges of the day.

15. Get Enough Sleep

man sleeping with alarm clock
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Sleep is the best! But not getting enough quality rest will leave you feeling sluggish and probably at least a little bit miserable. People around you might agree.

There are 101 ways to get a good night’s sleep, so find what works for you. Personally, it’s a weighted blanket, therapeutic pillow, and white noise. Not staring at my phone also helps, but that’s a tough habit to break.

You’ve got a lot of potential. With the above list, you can be ready to face challenges head-on, seize opportunities confidently, and progress toward your goals.

When you have a great morning, you will have a great day!

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Failure Isn’t a Bad Thing

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So you’re not perfect – but who is? Having a bad morning habits doesn’t have to mean your whole day is going to be a disaster. Successful people fail too. The difference is they learn from these mistakes and continue on.

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